From Sound to Silence


recall the sounds we make all day,

words, words, and words,

they are great, I say

but are they abundant? A word girds

the meaning we mean today

and ties and carries it to infinite time, and nerds

butcher and munch every word stray

and re-quote them like gospel words

yet, words come with an expiry date, and fray

unlike the speechless songs of birds…

Do words matter that much anyway?


“I will remember what you said…

I will take my revenge” they say.

You really want to carry this burden on the head?

they are just words… felt, spoken and gone… forget them and give way.

in sorrow, bad words will be bled

in joy, happy words to greet your day

but they will spin again ahead

and will be measured in another play

and so this cycle makes the words undead

but here I will end my lay

Do words matter that much anyway?









Poem Time

Wait A Minute, Am I Spacing Out?


Let eyes drown the noise

As you open them wide

And double-take;


Let ears become delicate

Hearing the sound

As quiet as…   nothing else.


The sweet fragrance;

Pretty music;

Titillating touch:

Memories of little worth.


Like lights going off,

Close your eyes,

Smile with innocent wisdom,

You’ve known truth

And it tastes fine.


What if you put a lot of labour into building a wall on unsteady ground, but in the end it just ends up dissembling?

Have you ever experienced having had a prejudice for a person and then when you talked to them you get you realize you were wrong all along?

How do you feel when you realize you were wrong? do you just move on without paying any attention to how you feel when the prejudice you had put so much mental labour into, shatters?


Prejudice finds its roots in labeling.

In our love to categorize every person we meet, we end up labeling them according to how they behave (or pretend to be) when we meet them.

Whether they were confident or shy, dauntless or nervous, positive or pessimistic, compassionate or angry…

….And we go on alloting these adjectives to whomsoever we meet, without realizing that all these adjectives are just feelings, and these feelings are temporary and that they will sooner or later change.

We forget to take into account the person’s history, what is going on in their lives currently, the setting in which we met them…..

Since we can’t possibly know their massive life story, nor would we have the time to listen even if they told us,

Let’s just stop being a judge!

All the problem lies in the fact that we think  “I Know!”

We reallllyy don’t!!

So just don’t JUDGE.

This applies to ourselves as well. Our mind, our appearance, our feelings, and thoughts, all are ever-changing. Hence, labeling ourselves is also just not worth it.


Prejudice is the root of all problems, social evils, fanatism in the world today. 

We don’t even realize what a skilled shape-shifter prejudice can be, it somehow finds its way to creep into unexpected places.

Just bringing our conscious awareness towards it, is enough to drive it away 😉


btw, the picture is a fist (to shatter prejudices) 😛

Literature student you know…. Symbolic choices just unconsciously take place.


Praising: A Divine Quality

When we appreciate a painting, whom does the praise go to?

It’s Painter.


When we appreciate food, whom does the praise go to?

It’s Cook.


When we praise someone, who does the praise really go to?

Their Creator. 


All praise that we have received and will,

all talents, virtues that induce this praise,

are they really ours?



They are gifts!

Treat them as gifts.

Gifts are for others and meant to be shared with others.

We are lucky to have them….

…Lucky to be the instruments that have carried them with us into this world.


And all praise that we receive and give to others goes to someone else.


There is no person who isn’t intrinsically nice.

All that seems to be ‘not good’ is just a thick layer of dust settled upon their true nature.

and then, of course, we only find what we look for:

streamlining our perception, we limit our view.

if we are open, we get to see the bigger picture….

That NO ONE is a bad person.


Praising is a divine quality.

So don’t be stingy (or creepy) with it!


When we appreciate a photograph, whom does the praise go to?

It’s Cameraperson.

isn’t this quite a nice picture?

(Thank you Thank you!) 😛





Irritation and Atheism

It’s amusing to see how easily some people get irritated, and how they love to talk about how easily they get irritated…

It is an occasion to just engage in nonsensical talks, be generous with swear words and complain. Oh so delightful!

But it is a serious issue…. irritation is one of the main reasons why an illogical ideology is gaining its place in the world.


And out of all other reasons, religious fanaticism is a strong reason to motivate people to turn to atheism.

I agree that religious fanaticism can be quite off-putting and any sensible person would like to remain as far from fanaticism as possible, and any organization trying to perpetuate fanatic ideologies.

“if the people associated with religion can be so cruel and narrow-minded, how must their god be like?” is a reasonable question to ask.


But, we know religious fanaticism is a reality. Now what?

I think there are 2 options:

There is the easy option of getting irritated and turning to baseless atheism.

I call it ‘baseless’ because it is irrelevant in today’s expanding realm of knowledge. In today’s time, being an atheist means you haven’t done a sincere research on your part.


There is another way, though.

This is a simple way of accepting the reality and rising above irritation!

This way, instead of getting annoyed with fanatics’ presence, we appreciate that they have their own important role (and you can even pray for them to get some sense if you feel generous!)



Really, there are better things to do rather than getting irritated so easily.

Instead of talking about what irritates you, take up a challenge of becoming immune to these irritations. It will be so much more useful!




Rising above the Mundane

Puny things have a tendency to take over our main control system, our minds!

…..while the mind just sits there ready to be wooed by all of these puny suitors. Pah! the mind is so flirtatious I tell you! *eye roll*


But, recognizing this tendency of the mind is like you’ve already taken a step towards correcting it




You may ask “Why rise above the mundane at all?”

Ignorance is bliss.

Isn’t it so blissful to be born, live and die entangled in the mundane… or is it?



While trying to catch up with life please don’t miss out on the REAL bliss!

Please learn to Meditate!


Sincerely and in good faith,






What did you learn from this? : Cultivating a learning attitude.

Once upon a time there lived a very learned saint in India, Ashtavakra, he was so knowledgeable that he beat the most renowned scholars of the time in debate.

It is said Ashtavakra had a habit of learning something from everything. From nature, animals, the people around, the surroundings….

Learning from the patterns of nature. That there is day and night; there is summer and winter- basically, realising that there are opposite values in nature. And then applying the formula: “What did I learn from this?” : That these values are not in conflict with each other!

Similarly, there are highs and lows but they are not in conflict. Highs and lows are simply the nature of this world.

Learning from animals. “Hey, look at the way the dog is stretching… why does it do that? I don’t know, let me try” (or maybe a similar monologue :P) and the downward dog asana came into existence.


It all comes down to ‘Awareness’ + asking yourself “What did I learn from this?”

This simple formula can ease out all the stresses of daily life and all kinds of messed up situations.

“What did I learn from this?”

Instead of complaining/swearing/being miserable, we can look at everything as a learning opportunity!

Just by observing and becoming aware of our every-day surroundings, we can learn SO much!!

For example- When we are angry without realising it, it can get pretty bad. But in that moment if we consciously become aware of the anger, it passes.

That’s one of the reasons I think why there is so much delight in knowing about the mind… you become informed, sensitive, more mature…more consciously aware of what is going on in the mind. So, that in turn, it makes you more emotionally and intellectually mature.


What did you learn from the picture?

I learnt that you can still blossom like a lotus even when you’re surrounded by muddy water and dirt.


Vrikshasana- Tree Pose

As our age-old Rishis somehow got inspired by nature’s one of the most beautiful making- trees, the Tree pose was invented.

The Sanskrit word ‘Vriksha‘ means tree. Staying balanced and rooted like a tree, the coming and going breeze may shake up the leaves, but the roots remain fixed.


The Asana-

Stand straight with body weight balanced equally on both feet.

Bending the right knee, place the right foot up on the opposite thigh (as high as comfortable)

The leg on the ground is straight, be soft on the knee (don’t hyper-extend it).

Fixing your gaze on a stationary object in front of you, find your balance.

Breathing in, arms go up over the head from the side and join in Namaste.

Biceps (if there are any :P) are touching the ears and elbows are unbent.

Some corrections- The spine is straight, not arched; and hips are not pushed behind.

Take 3-5 deep breaths in the posture.

Slowly exhaling, bring your hands down from the sides. (You may increase the time as you become better at it)

…And release the bent leg.

Do it on the other side. (as Yoga is about balance, you do both sides)

You’ll find you’re able to do the asana better at one side.


Contraindication for Asana- BP extremes as body is weak, insomnia

Good for- Stretching the arms, back and legs; Brings stability, and physical and mental balance. Lightness in body, confidence. (Good for show off as well 😉 )


Becoming better at an asana– do the posture correctly even if that means you are not you’re not able to be as flexible as you’d like to be, or are not able to hold for too long. All it takes is practice, keep going, keep going, very soon you’re asana will become better.


Some rules to keep in mind while doing Yoga-

Listen to your own body, not of others! or you’ll end up injuring yourself

Don’t be lazy either!

Striking a balance between listening to the body and not being lazy should do the trick.

While going into the asana and releasing it, be gentle and graceful.

SMILE! (smiling increases the effect 4-fold)


A balanced mind


A balanced mind.

That’s it! That would be the end of all problems. The ‘Mind’ is that one thing we can’t really seem to comprehend.

People interested in uncovering its mysteries tend to go for human studies like- psychology, literature (like me!), philosophy.

I feel like every subject should have a practical and theoretical side to it for our overall understanding of the subject.

All these (above mentioned) theory subjects have a beautiful (and much more complete) side. It is the experiential side! Here we get to experience the mind much more subtle-ly and look at our own minds from the outside as a witness.

Doing this is nothing but Meditation.

Meditation helps us detach from our mundane daily life, and join in with something beyond words- the taste of a balanced mind!

It is such a beautiful state that you develop an addiction for it (finally there’s something out there that you are allowed to get addicted to!!)


Meditation isn’t just sitting and focusing on something or thinking about peace… It is there in our everyday life.

In the Hindi language, we use the word ‘Dhyan’ for ‘meditation’. And for every little thing, people say ‘Dhyan se karo’ roughly translated as- ‘do with Dhyan.’ Since the Indian culture has evolved from a strong background of Yoga and meditative penance, the wrd ‘Dhyan’ has come into everyday vocabulary. The people in ancient times knew that life is but meditation.

‘Dhyan’, in today’s sense, roughly translates to- ‘with focus and carefully’

Even as a student if we study with ‘Dhyan’, that is meditation. As a working person, if you do your office work with ‘Dhyan’, again meditation happens; Housewife, doing her chores with ‘Dhyan’, is a meditator; priest, saying prayers and doing his duty properly with ‘Dhyan’, again- a meditator!

Don’t you feel amazing if for you’ve done your work giving your 100%?

So, giving 100% in life is meditation.

…as we keep going into the deeper and subtler layers of meditation, we experience everlasting bliss and cultivate a balanced mind.


There are loads of benefits of having a balanced mind.

-A balanced mind is spontaneous, natural, intelligent, ever joyful and hence it is ‘skill in action’ (Yoga Karmasu Kaushalayam- Yoga is skill in action)

-A balanced mind is centered (Samatvam Yog Uchyate- Yoga is equanimity)

-A centered mind is the result of knowledge. Knowledge is untouched by misery. (Heyam Dukham Anagatam- Yoga postpones misery)

Bonus: in the practice of Yoga, ‘ visualization’ is a useful technique. e.g. while doing the asana mentally visualize the animal/object that inspired the pose, and recall the qualities of the animal/object…and imagine you are that. With the practice of yoga, your mind becomes so strong that gradually you become what you think and what you want starts to happen.

Also, worth mentioning, on this path, you don’t wish for bad things.

When you wish for good, your energy increases.

Same as happiness: when you share it, it makes you happier!


Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon today. The UN announced 21st June as the ‘International Yoga Day’ in 2014 and since 2015 it has been celebrated 3 times already. Yoga is a trend everybody knows about. People know something or the other about the trend, even if they haven’t done it ever in their lives. In this worldwide popularity, sometimes, the authentic form of yoga gets lost somewhere and it is only considered a form of exercise. To acquire the knowledge of Yoga in all its purity, it is important to learn under a Guru.